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Favorite Kitchen Tools - Hand (Immersion) Blender


What it Does:

A hand blender (also known as an immersion blender) is an electric wand-shaped device with a blender blade at the bottom. The wand is long enough to be placed into a pot of soup, or tall glass for a blended fruit drink.

Problem it Solves:

I love making soups, but the worst part is always the pureeing step at the end. You need to ladle the hot soup in batches into the food processor, process, remove the processing bowl and pour the soup into another pot as you continue to process the soup from the first pot. It's a messy job that makes two pots, a multi-part food processor and the counter dirty.

Why I Love It:

With my hand blender, I merely insert the wand into the soup pot and blend to desired consistency. Aside from the cooking pot, only the detachable wand needs washing, and that can be put into my dishwasher. Now that I have this little toy, I am also more inclined to whip up a batch of fruit smoothies whenever summer fruit begins to over ripen. It takes up minimal space for the utility it delivers.

Best Kitchen Uses:

Blending soups in the pot, pureeing tomatoes in a sauce and, of course, making smoothies without pulling out a big blender.Compare Prices

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