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Pink Princess Cookbook

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Pink Princess Cookbook

Pink Princess Cookbook by Barbara Beery

Barbara Beery

The Bottom Line

This cookbook is perfect to share with the little girls in your life. It will inspire you to cook together and even provide inspiration for a princess-themed party.
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  • This cookbook will appeal to little girls of all ages.
  • Easy to follow cooking instructions.
  • Very appealing color photos for each recipe.


  • This book won't appeal to boys.


  • Hard cover, spiral bound cookbook.
  • 30 recipes for "princess" food perfect for a "princess" theme party.
  • Recipes include cakes, cookies, breads, finger foods, treats and drinks.

Guide Review - Pink Princess Cookbook

Author Barbara Beery is the founder of Batter Up Kids Culinary Center located in Austin Texas. This culinary center teaches children to become involved with their food, and in the process learn how to make healthy food choices. This is the third cookbook Beery has published, following Batter Up Kids: Sensational Snacks Compare Prices and Batter Up Kids: Delicious Desserts Compare Prices. All of her recipes are both kid friendly to cook, as well as kid friendly to eat.

Since Beery runs a kids' cooking school, she knows how to write the instructions so that kids can follow them easily. An older grade-schooler can follow many of these recipes without any adult supervision. Younger ones will enjoy choosing their favorites from the delightful photos that accompany each one, and being mommy's helper during their creation.

In the Pink Princess Cookbook Beery wraps up the recipes with a girlish palette of cotton candy pastels. Although many of these treats will appeal to both boys and girls, only girls will want to go near them with names such as Magic Princess Wands and Enchanted Unicorn Horns. But that's okay. Once kids get to grade school, many parties become single gender anyway. No self-respecting, superhero loving boy would want to go to a princess tea party. Whereas little girls will simply eat up a party where the treats set the mood of their wildest princess dreams. With this book in hand, you will be able to make those dreams come true.

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User Reviews

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 4 out of 5
Great for the Lil' Chefs, Member my2sweets

My daughter got this book a few years back and has had a lot of fun trying the different recipes. There is one recipe that didn't work out for her, on pg. 29, Cheesy Biscuits, we made them as the recipe called, from the ingredients to the temp and timing, but they just melted in the oven, they looked like pancakes. Other than that, she loves the book.

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