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A "Twilight" Theme Party

Celebrate Bella, Edward, and All of the Other Vampires You Love


Twilight DVD
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The "Twilight" book series and movies, have made many teen girls and their moms fall under the spell of vampires. Now everywhere you turn there are vampire movies, television shows, and books. That's why the time is right for a "Twilight" theme party.

Setting the Stage

  • Decorate with the traditional colors for vampires, black and red, and add blues, as well, which are part of the color palette for the Cullen family.
  • Fill bowls with large red apples for table centerpieces.
  • Scatter red and black (if you can find them) roses around your buffet and dining tables.
  • Play the soundtrack from the "Twilight" movie. Compare Prices
  • Play music from Debussy, a favorite of both Edward and Bella.


  • Show the original "Twilight" movie Compare Prices or "New Moon" Compare Prices, the second in the series, since fans never tire of seeing their favorite heartthrob in action.
  • Alternatively, have a book discussion group on the entire "Twilight" saga. Compare Prices
  • Play the Twilight Scene It game. Compare Prices

The Menu

This menu is full of teen friendly food, but there are a few recipes at the end of the menu for any "Twilight" moms at the party. You may not need all of these recipes, but feel free to choose based on the number of hungry fans at your party.

Cocktail Meatballs - Call these "bloody eye meatballs" for the creepy effect.

Black Bean Dip - Serve this with fresh cut up vegetables or chips.

Raviolis with Tomato Cream Sauce - Bella ate mushroom ravioli on her first date with Edward. But plain cheese ravioli with a tomato sauce will be more family friendly.

Bones of the Dead - This Italian cookie is usually prepared in commemoration of the dead.

Vampire Truffles - These delicious truffles ooze red jam when you bite into them. Yum.

Strawberry (Dairy Free) Cheesecake Cups - Serve these in black cups to create a nightmarish appearance.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries - I've never known a kid to turn down one of these. Just be sure to make enough for seconds.

Chocolate Covered Spiders - I would place these in unexpected spots around your buffet table. Like creeping up from under serving dishes, peeking out from under napkins, and scurrying along the back of the sideboard.

Chocolate Beet Cake - Sneak a few vegetables into the menu with a recipe that will fool your guests.

Scary Eyeballs - These creepy looking blobs are really a Thai dessert.

Buttermilk Berry Cobbler- For those guests that feel an affinity with Bella, they will want to eat her favorite dessert.

Twilight Dove - A non-alcoholic drink that suits the theme of this party.

Fine Wolf - This drink is a salute to the wolf pack in "New Moon".

Berry Sweetheart - This mocktail is a reminder of the romance underlying this series.

If there will also be adults at your "Twilight" Theme Party, you may want to provide adult worthy refreshments for them.

Bloody-tini - Don't let the blood red color of this martini scare away your guests. It's a lot healthier for them than contact with a vampire would be.

Vampire Kiss Martini - This kiss is sure to be sweeter than a vampire's breath.

Easy Sangrita - This savory, spicy Mexican drink will bite you back.

Blood Red Wine Sangria - If you prefer to whip up a whole batch of cocktails before your party, here's the perfect vampire drink for your bash.

Red Peppers with Anchovies - I might change the name of this Spanish tapas to "bloody rags and worms" for purposes of this party.

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