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Planning the Food for a Classroom Party


When planning snacks for a class party, the first thing I like to know is whether there are any allergies in the classroom. You'd hate to have a parent send in peanut butter cookies if there's a child with a nut allergy!

Here are the other things you'll want to think about as you plan the food:

  • It's always good to have some kind of healthy snack such as a tray of cut fruit. But don't go overboard on the healthy snacks unless that's the only thing you're serving. Given a choice between cookies and veggies, which do you think kids will pick?
  • Baby carrots, and sometimes sliced cucumbers are popular snacks for young kids, especially when served with ranch dip.
  • Try to plan snacks that carry out the theme of your holiday. For example, creepy spider cupcakes for Halloween; Valentine's cookies for Valentine's Day; marshmallow chicks and bunnies for a springtime party, etc.
  • Food is usually the easiest donation to get from parents. Every class seems to have one mom who enjoys making seasonal cupcakes or cookies.
  • Salty snacks are also popular party food. Potato chips usually win out over pretzels in my children's parties.
  • Don't serve too many choices. Otherwise, children will load up their plates, and then you'll see a ton of food dumped into the trash can at the end of the party.

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