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Cat Theme Birthday Party

A Purrrfect Way to Celebrate Her Special Day


Cat Theme Birthday Party

Cat Theme Party Cupcakes

Donna Pilato
Few things are as irresistible to little girls as cats and kittens. If you have a little girl who loves everything feline, a cat theme birthday party will be the purrrfect celebration for her special day.

Setting the Stage

Decorate with cat pictures, cat toys, and cat party goods. Birthday Express has a wonderful package of cat party goods on their site that I used for my daughter's cat theme birthday party.

Give each child a headband with cat ears to wear as they arrive at the party.

Craft Activities

There are many cat craft possibilities to start out your party as the children arrive:

  • Decorate goody bags that have an outline of a cat already traced on them.
  • Decorate and assemble cat magnets or pins.
  • Give the children cat coloring pages to work on.
  • Apply temporary cat (or other) tattoos to the children's hands and arms.

Games to Play

Mother Cat May I? - Play this like the traditional "Mother, May I?" game. Assign the birthday child to be Mother Cat and have the other children stand in a line facing her, but separated by at least six feet. Mother Cat calls to one child and tells her to take a certain number of steps toward her. Before the child can move she must remember to say "Mother Cat, May I?". Then Mother Cat answers one "meow" for yes, and two "meows" for no. If the child doesn't ask the question, or follow the correct "meow" response, she's out of the game. The child reaching Mother Cat first wins.

Hunt the Mice - Before the party begins, hide small toy mice throughout the party room. Tell the party children to hunt for the mice, while acting like kittens. Divide the found mice evenly among the children. Give the child who finds the most mice a special prize.

Giggle Kittens - Ask all the children to sit in a circle except for the birthday child. The birthday child then has to go around the circle and make all the little kittens laugh by making faces and kitten sounds at them. The last child not laughing is the winner.

Birthday Cupcakes

Serve cupcakes decorated to look like cats using small candies as eyes and mouth, shoestring licorice as whiskers, and cookies as ears.

The Party Favors

Fill party bags with small, plush kittens; cat stickers; cat notepads; cat coloring books or velvet art projects; small cat change purses; cat erasers, etc. Look in your party store, dollar store and online. There are many small, cute cat goodies to fit most budgets.

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