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Summer Party Tips Using Ball Jars

Easy and Inexpensive Entertaining Ideas Using Ball Jars


Summer Party Tips Using Ball Jars

Ball Jar Ice Cream Sundae

Ball Corporation
Since most people have at least a few Ball jars lying around the house, these entertaining tips from Ball Corporation will make it easy and inexpensive to add some fun to your next summer party.
  1. Having a summer picnic? Use Ball jars as an unexpected alternative to everyday glasses or plastic cups. The jars will show off your beverage (pink lemonade anyone?), won't blow away, and are virtually unbreakable if dropped.
  2. Instead of a vase, use a Ball mason jar to hold all your summer flowers. A sunflower or gerbera daisy in a Ball jar makes a colorful picnic table centerpiece.
  3. For an easy and personalized hostess gift, make a dry brownie mix and store it in a Ball mason jar. For a patriotic Fourth of July gift, add red and blue M&Ms to the mix.
  4. For your outdoor party, set the mood by lighting candles and placing them in half-pint Ball jars. Add sand or shells to the jars to hold the candles in place.
  5. Most birthday parties take place in the summer, so this year be prepared with a fun Ball activity. Fill a Ball jar with fun trinkets, toys and candy. Place a party hat on top of each jar with a name tag and have each child decorate the jar with ribbons and glitter. The result is great party favor kids can take home.
  6. As temperatures rise, cool down with a yummy frosty freeze pudding snack. Using Ball Freezer Jars, mix together pudding mix and milk. Add toppings like crushed fruit, cookies or candy to the mix. Place jar in the freezer for a fun dessert for the family.
  7. Your home or office can smell like your favorite customized scent, with a few easy steps. Fill a Ball jar with a potpourri mixture and place a round piece of lace over the opening of the jar, and secure it with the band.
  8. Fourth of July Patriotic Sundaes will be a hit at your backyard barbecue. Use the half-pint Collection Elite jars as bowls and fill them up with scoops of ice cream. Top it off with fresh strawberry preserves, blueberries and a mini-American flag to show your red, white and blue spirit.

These summer entertaining tips are printed courtesy of Ball Corporation.

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