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Ideas for the Easiest Appetizers You'll Serve


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Easy Antipasto Appetizer
Simple Antipasto

Simple Antipasto Appetizer

Donna Pilato
Few people have time to fuss in the kitchen when preparing for a party. You want good food that will make a good impression on your guests. Well, with a combination of good ingredients, and attractive presentation, you can put together a selection of appetizers that will wow your guests with their variety, color, and combination of different flavors. Any or all of these appetizers will be a good lead in to a dinner party. They can also stand alone at a cocktail party or holiday open-house.

Start with a mini antipasto. Pile good quality prosciutto on a cheese board. Add two or three varieties of your favorite cheeses. Finish with a bunch of grapes or chunks of melon. The sweet and salty combination will be irresistible.

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