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Zombie Theme Halloween Party

It May Not Be the Zombie Apocalypse, But It Will Still Be Fun!


Zombies at Zombieland Premier

Zombies at Zombieland Premier

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There’s really no avoiding them, no matter how quickly you run - zombies are around every corner you turn, neighbors are preparing for the zombie apocalypse . At least, that’s what we are supposed to believe if we listen to the messages from our media. From movies to television shows to cell phone apps, from the new classic Zombieland movie to the hit AMC show The Walking Dead, the zombies are on their way, and the public couldn’t be happier about it.

Therefore, with the backdrop already set to welcome zombies into our world, the next step is to welcome them to our homes with a zombie theme Halloween party. This should be one of the easiest theme parties you can host for Halloween and definitely one of the most fun.

Setting the Stage for your Zombie Halloween Party

The party begins outside when guests arrive at the graveyard you’ve set up on in your front yard. Create the scene with the following effects:

  • Tombstones haphazardly displayed across your front lawn.
  • Fog machinesCompare Prices blowing creepy tendrils of fog along your walkway.
  • Creepy Halloween sound effects playing on outdoor speakers.
  • Body parts (available in party stores) strewn among the tombstones.
  • Upside-down stuffed pants with shoes, seemingly coming out of the ground, in front of your gravestones.

Dress in zombie costume including zombie makeup and ask your guests to do the same. Here are some of the details that will make it easy to achieve the full zombie look:

  • Paint your face with grey-tint white face makeup, available in Halloween party stores.
  • Create very dark circles under your eyes using stage makeup.
  • Drip fake blood down your chin.
  • Create gashes on your face and exposed body parts using makeup designed for that purpose.
  • Make your hair as messy as possible by teasing it, undoing parts, and coating it with a little cooking oil to make it look greasy and dusting it with talcum powder to make it appear dirty.
  • Wear very old clothing that you’ve ripped and distressed. You might want to shop in a thrift store to buy vintage looking dresses or pants that you won’t mind tearing, shredding and pouring on blood.

Zombie Party Activities

Throughout your party show famous zombie movies to demonstrate appropriate responses to a zombie attack.

Play blind man’s bluff zombie style. One of the zombies is blindfolded then they need to walk around in a closed off room trying to catch the other zombie guests. Of course, all of them should walk around like zombies, making zombie noises.

Zombie Party Food and Drink

Zombie Punch - If your guests weren’t already feeling like zombies thanks to the dress up and atmosphere, this punch will help them get into the mood.

Zombie Fingers - These easy party snacks prove that zombies aren’t too careful about where they leave their miscellaneous appendages. Instead of covering the tray in candy corn, as in this photo, cover it with red hots for a bloodier effect.

Graveyard Dip with Fingers - Mix small slivers of a fresh red pepper throughout this dip to make it look even more like a zombie creation.

Bloody Eyeballs - Well, they’re actually meatballs but I don’t think zombies are really particular. And since they’ll be so tasty, maybe they won’t even notice.

Raw meat platters would be a theme-appropriate offering. For example, you could serve steak tartare, or very rare roast beef from the deli for sandwiches. For seafood loving zombies at your party, a tray of sashimi would also fit the theme.

Zombie Graveyard Cupcakes - These cupcakes are easy to create and will add to the party fun.

Peanut Butter Eyeballs - These gruesome sweet treats will be devoured by the insatiable living dead at your bash.

Brain Jell-o - I’m not sure if making these jell-o brains would be more effective in a green or red color. Use your personal experience of the apocalypse to decide.

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