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A Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Party

Celebrate Everyone's Favorite Halloween Symbol


A Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Party

Table Set for a Halloween Pumpkin Decorating Party

Donna Pilato

There's no jollier symbol of autumn than the familiar pumpkin. And what fun it is each year to plan just how you'll decorate the seasonal charmer! Will you carve a scary face? Draw a friendly smile? Try a more ambitious approach such as drilling holes and decorating with lights? Whichever design you choose, invite a few friends to join in the fun by hosting a Halloween pumpkin decorating party.

Setting the Stage

- Invite your guests to the party using one of these charming, free printable or digital jack-o-lantern invitation images.

- Cover your worktable with a plastic or disposable table cover. This is messy work, so you don't want to spoil your fine linens.

- Provide a selection of pumpkins, at least one for each guest.

- Lay out an assortment of carving tools. Pumpkin Masters usually has just the tools for the job.

- Supply an assortment of markers, paints and even crayons for the kids at your party.

- Decorate the room in true Halloween fashion with spooky owls, ghosts, bats and seasonal candles.

- Play Halloween horror music in the background.

- Send your guests home with small party bags of Halloween candy to get a jump on the trick-or-treaters.

The Menu

Hot Spiced Cider or Hot Apple Toddy

Pumpkin Soup

Cheddar Cheese Fondue with assorted dippers such as bread, apples, and vegetables

Crock Pot Pulled Pork Sandwiches

Halloween Cookies

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