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Party Ideas for Halloween

Be Creative and Let Your Inner Kid Come Out to Play on Halloween Night


Party Ideas for Halloween

Gothic Halloween Party

Donna Pilato

For many people, Halloween is the biggest party night of the year. The spirit of the day brings out the kid in everyone when the opportunity to dress up and the permission to play with your food becomes an irresistible siren call. So if you choose to listen to that call this year and to create a night of fun for your friends, whether young or old, these party ideas and tips will help you make it a Halloween bash that will be long remembered after the final piece of candy corn has disappeared.

Theme Parties

Monster Theme Party - Go with a classic for your Halloween party this year. Invite your guests to a monster theme party and invite them to channel their inner Frankenstein, Dracula, or any other favorite scary character.

Halloween Costume Party - Let Halloween be your theme and make this a costume of choice party. It can get pretty interesting when you see the mix of costumes chosen by your friends. Are they the more political type, especially popular in an election year? Are they more into humor? Are the classic monsters more their style? You’ll never know until they show up on your doorstep.

Harry Potter Theme Party - After seven bestselling books and eight blockbuster movies, Harry Potter has become a new classic character. The series is filled with colorful characters, both on hero and villain, permitting your guests to show off their true colors. Plus, Hogwarts, the main setting for the series, is perfect for inspiring decorations for your Halloween party.

Twilight Theme Party - Base your Halloween party on the vampire series that spawned countless imitators since it was first released and made us all swoon once again at the thought of the mysterious and romantic vampire. A Twilight theme party will be equally appealing to teens and their moms, many of whom are also fans of the series.

Gothic Theme Halloween Party - Plan a party that’s more spooky than cute when your choose a Gothic theme for your event. Forget the autumn color scheme of orange and gold and build your party decorations on the creepy red and black palette instead.

Pirate Theme Party - Do you and your friends have a spirit of romance and adventure? Then play out your fantasies by hosting a pirate theme Halloween party - you know you’ve been secretly dying to talk like a pirate anyway - aye Matey?

Spooky Food and Beverages

Whether or not dressing in costume is something you like to do, you can always have fun playing with the menu on Halloween. Creepy cocktails and spooky treats are the order of the evening on Halloween night.

Decorating a cake to look like a jack-o-lantern is an easy way to create a centerpiece food item for your buffet.

Monster Eyes treats are a combination of sweet and salty, and few guests can ever resist that.

Halloween Cupcakes are a fun and easy treat to serve at your party. Although, by the time your guests get through these sweet treats they may lose their appetites for raiding the kiddies’ trick-or-treat bags.

Popcorn Snacks - From popcorn balls to kettle corn, find recipes for some of your favorite popcorn snacks, all perfect for a Halloween Party.

Chocolate Dipped Caramel Apples are a favorite, old-fashioned treat that reminds us of the old bobbing for apples game that once was common on Halloween.

Van Goghst Punch makes it easy to serve cocktails since you’ll mix this up before your party, instead of making cocktails to order.

PepperMint Pattini will beat any candy that comes out of your child’s trick-or-treat bag as an irresistible adult treat.

Other Halloween Tips

Halloween Party Necessities will guide you to all of the party goods you’ll need for entertaining and serving your guests at this party.

Planning a Classroom Halloween Party won’t get you a bad grade if you follow these tips to make sure your child’s teacher has a similar idea of what is appropriate classroom fun.

Halloween Party Games for Kids - Speaking of games, if kids are coming to your party, you’ll want to keep them busy doing something after consuming all of that sugar. Try some of these games to burn off that extra energy.

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