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Tips for Planning Your Party Menu

Simplify Your Party Menu and Life after the Party with these Tips


Sometimes it's hard to figure out which recipes to choose for your party menus. And sometimes we bury ourselves in work by the recipes we choose. Follow these tips to have an easier time putting together your party menu, and give yourself a bit of a break once the party's over.

1. Finding Old Recipes as You Plan Your Party Menu

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Sometimes we know what we'd like to cook for a party. We remember a fabulous chicken dish we made two years ago. But where is that recipe? Where did we find it? Follow this tip and you'll be able to find your old recipes when you need them.

2. Leave the Groceries Out

It's important to tidy up your home before your guests arrive. But there's such a thing as creating extra work for yourself if you become too carried away with being tidy. Here's how to save yourself extra work when you prepare for a party.

3. Don't Overdo the Buffet

I was raised to follow the rule that guests should never be sent home hungry. But how much food is enough when you're planning a buffet for your party menu? Follow this guideline to save yourself the time, expense, and possible food waste.

4. Prepare Now for Leftovers

Take it from me. When you send your nice bowls home with guests for their leftovers, the bowls have a funny way of getting lost. That's why you'll want to follow this tip to prepare for leftovers.

5. Prioritize Your Party Cooking

It's no fun being stressed for your own party. So this tip will show you how to prioritize cooking your party menu, to make sure you're not exhausted when guests show up on your doorstep.

6. Save Time with Double Batches

When it's smarter and appropriate to double a recipe instead of cooking twice.

7. Let the Food Work for You

You don't need to be a gourmet cook to have a great party menu. Here's how to let the food work for you.

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