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Tips for Cleaning your House Before, During, and After Your Party

Clean Your House with Minimal Stress Before, During and After your Parties


We all want our house to be clean and presentable for our guests, but few of us have hours to dedicate to getting the job done. These tips will help you to get through the most important areas you'll want to clean before a party. There are also strategies for keeping the mess under control throughout your event. Finally, there are tips for dealing with the aftermath once your guests go home.

1. Best Ways to Make Short Work of Cleaning Before Your Party

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Most people would agree that one of the less pleasant tasks when preparing for a party is the need to clean and tidy your house. We want to put our best foot forward when we invite others into our home, and that usually necessitates at least a little tidying up of the everyday mess. Each of us has a few shortcuts for making our homes presentable, which is why we might learn something from one another. Readers share their best pre-party house cleaning tips here, and you're welcome to add your tips as well.

2. Clean Your House Strategically

As you clean your house prior to hosting a party, this little tip may save you a lot of time.

3. How to Do a Last Minute Clean Up

The house is a wreck and friends call to say they'll dropping by within 15 minutes. Here's how to feel a little more presentable.

4. The Cleaning Checklist for Hosting Holiday Houseguests

Your fastidious Aunt Elsie is going to stay at your house for the weekend. She likes to point out untidiness and dirt like an ill-mannered grammarian likes to point out your incorrect usage of "who" and "whom." You have a day to prepare for her stay. What do you clean, and what do you leave? Here's a bulletproof checklist of what you should clean before those white-gloved houseguests arrive.

5. Preparing for Holiday Houseguests

Here are tips for how to set boundaries for houseguests before they visit, as well as tips for preparing to make their visit enjoyable and comfortable for all.

6. Keeping Tidy During Your Party

You've planned the menu, prepared the food, set out the buffet and you feel like everything is under control. Then your guests arrive and the eating and drinking begins. And along with the fun comes the chaos of dirty dishes, glasses and serving pieces. While you don't want to make your guests feel uncomfortable by cleaning your house while you should be visiting with them and enjoying your party, there are things you can do to keep the mess under control.

7. Keep Your Powder Room Spotless Throughout Your Party

Without any overt effort from you, this tip will help your guests to keep the powder room clean throughout your party.

8. Forget the Dirty Dishes

This tip submitted by a reader will help you to keep your home tidy without washing a single plate or glass during the party.

9. Cleaning Candle Wax from Your Table Cloth

Your table cloth doesn't need to be tossed into the rag pile if candle wax drips on it. Follow this tip to remove that pesky wax.

10. Cleaning Melted Candle Wax from Your Carpet

You can't exactly toss your carpet into the carpet after scraping up the wax, so this tip will help you to make the most of a bad situation.

11. After the Holiday House Guests Go Home

A reader's advice on how to clean your house and put things back in order after your guests go back home.

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