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Easy Tips as You Prepare for Holiday Entertaining

Easy Ways to Get Started on Your Holiday Entertaining


There's so much to do to get ready for the big holiday celebrations at Thanksgivng and Christmas. These tips will help as you prepare for your Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

1. Avoiding the Big Oops!

Disposable roasting pans can save you a lot of clean up time after Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. But if used improperly they may create an even bigger mess instead. Here's how to avoid the big "oops."

2. Turn Decorating Your Tables Into a Fun Family Activity

When preparing for a big holiday meal like Thanksgiving or Christmas, it's very easy to let decorating the tables become a mere after-thought. But there's a way you can guarantee tables that will be talked about if you follow this suggestion for turning the decorating into a family activity.

3. Stock Up Now

This tip will save you both time and money as you plan your holiday dinners.

4. It's Almost Turkey Time

There are many steps you can take during the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving, that will help you find time for a little sleep the night before the big feast.

5. Warm Hospitality

This tip will let your guests experience the true warmth of your hospitality when they arrive at your holiday party.

6. An Easy Christmas Centerpiece

By following this tip, you can create a centerpiece for your holiday table as you decorate your tree.

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