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How to Choose the Proper Portable Toilet for Your Outdoor Event

Your Guests Will Thank You for Remembering the Portable Toilet


This week's tip has been submitted by Dave's Crowd Management Services.

"Which way to the bathroom?" is the one question that every guest asks at some point during an event. Selecting the right portable restroom solution ensures that your event will be remembered as a success. In order to make certain you choose the correct portable toilet solution, begin by contacting a respected portable sanitation rental company who has references.

Thanks to product advances, event planners are in the driver's seat and do not have to compromise when renting a portable toilet. Portable toilet rental options now include Weekend Portable Toilets, Executive Luxury Portable Toilets with Freshwater Sinks, ADA/Wheel Chair Accessible Portable Toilets, Mobile Event Restroom Trailers and many more solutions.

Factors and Products to Consider When Selecting the Correct Portable Restroom Solution:

  • the number of attendees
  • the projected length of the event
  • whether food and beverages will be served
  • whether the atmosphere of the event will be casual or formal

Tips to Consider When Having an Outdoor Special Event

Accommodations for the disabled should be provided with wheelchair-accessible ADA Certified Portable Toilets: ADA Certified Portable Toilets ensure equal access for all, with full-width handrails, ground floor access designed for wheelchairs, oversized door frames and wide interiors.

Low Profile Portable Hand Sinks that come with hand soap, paper towels, and water should be considered at events with large number of children: These sinks allow children to enjoy hygienic conditions that were previously not accessible to them.

If you are catering an event and do not have accessibility to a water source, consider renting the "Total Water Solution": An ideal solution for remote food preparation needs. This product provides a self-contained hot water system that can be placed virtually anywhere.

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