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Preparing for Drop In Guests


We've all experienced this situation at one time or the other. You pick up the phone only to discover that friends are planning, if possible(?), to drop by within a half an hour. You weren't expecting guests, and your home really could be in better shape. Do you have anything to serve to them? And what about decorations to distract them from your less than perfect entertaining scenario?

Well, don't worry. Just follow some of these quick and easy things you can do to welcome visitors into your home. And remember, you're probably the only one who is feeling uncomfortable - your visitors are too busy thinking about the fun they'll have spending time with you.

Preparing Your Home for Drop in Visitors

How to Do a Last Minute Clean-Up - The first thing most of us think about when we're expecting guests is - omigosh! - this place is a mess. Here's how to make your home more presentable.

Presentation is Half the Battle - Here are a few suggestions for how to make that proverbial "silk purse out of a sow's ear" when you're caught unprepared.


Simple, Sensational Centerpieces - Discover all of the possible materials you have just lying around your home that can be turned into a last minute centerpiece - flowers not required.

Brighten Your Party with Candles- If your guests are popping by in the evening, there's no better trick than to use candles for both hiding the dust (dim the other lights), and adding a festive glow to your gathering.

What Can You Serve Them?

Quick and Easy Appetizers - Is there anything in the house you can serve to your guests besides last night's leftovers? And can you possibly make it look nice? Flip through these quick and easy appetizers and you may just find you have the ingredients to put together a quick assortment of entertaining-worthy snacks.

Nachos - If you have some chips, cheese, and a jar of salsa, it's easy to whip up a dish of nachos.

Easy Fruit Tarts - The key to this recipe is to have the ingredients already on hand. Stock up on tart shells and filling, and you can assemble these in five minutes.

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