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Party Food and Drink Recipes and Menus


Look here to plan the menu for your next party. Find recipes for food and drinks for your event. Discover food themes for the next time you entertain along with the recipes you need to pull it off.
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Menu Planning in the Works

Learn how to plan a menu for your next party. Find special theme party menus with recipes and decorating ideas.


Appetizers are always a popular feature at any party. Serve these at cocktail parties or before a dinner party. Bring them with you to a potluck party. Anytime you entertain and are looking for a tasty bite to keep your guests happy while they wait for the main event, serve your choice of appetizers.


Blue Essence Cocktail

Cocktails are as popular as ever at parties. Whem you're hosting a party, choose a few favorite cocktails to serve your guests, and you won't need to stock a full bar.

Dips and Spreads

One of the simplest party foods, dips and spreads can be served as part of a buffet or as one of your appetizers. Usually these can be prepared hours before your party, leaving you time to prepare your other dishes that need to be served hot.

Tea Party Food

Time for a Tea Party

Pinkies up! Here are recipes for sandwiches and sweets for serving at your next tea party.


Some parties are more casual and call for recipes that are fun, filling, and not in the least way "fancy." These popular party snacks fit that description well.

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