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Good Day for a Picnic, Simple Food that Travels Well by Jeremy Jackson

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Good Day for a Picnic

Good Day for a Picnic, Food that Travels Well by Jeremy Jackson

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The Bottom Line

Toss the chicken salad, forget the potato salad. With Jackson's collection of portable recipes, picnics have become a lot more interesting.
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  • This is a collection of creative, portable recipes.
  • Another example of Jackson's original wit and clear passion for food.
  • The recipes require minimal ingredients and are simple to prepare.


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  • A collection of 120 recipes that are suitable for picnics or other parties.
  • Book is liberally peppered with Jackson's tips for easy preparation, storage and serving.
  • Recipes include drinks, soups, salads, snacks, main dishes and desserts.

Guide Review - Good Day for a Picnic, Simple Food that Travels Well by Jeremy Jackson

In this latest tribute to a food idea, Jeremy Jackson maintains his passion for cooking and eating. The first two books were of a more narrow scope, the first being cornbread and the second desserts. This time he bites off the much larger concept of picnics. Picnics are more than a single course or ingredient. Rather, they are a state of mind where one prepares food that requires little fuss and bother, travels well and, of course, is eaten outside.

Jackson sets the stage by giving us a little history of the picnic, tips for the essentials worth packing and a variety of ideas for locale. He offers recipes for starters, beverages, salads, lots of hearty main course dishes, and several choice tidbits for desserts. Every recipe has a story and many come with transport and serving tips. Finally, don't let yourself be limited by the word "picnic" in the title. These recipes will work great for potlucks, beach parties, church suppers and any time you need to bring along a dish or two.

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