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Sports Party Snacks


When you have friends over to watch an exciting sports game, they're not looking for fancy food. The attention is on the game, not your fine cuisine. The food is meant to satisfy sports viewing induced hunger and the need to crunch and bite. And one last thing, if it can be managed without a utensil, that's all the better since plates will be balanced on laps in front of your television.

Here are the most popular snacks to serve at your next sports viewing party.

Buffalo Wings and Chicken - They're usually spicy and addictive. Plus, the traditional accompaniment of blue cheese and celery is a decadent way to cool down.

Cocktail, Swedish and Other Meatballs- Whether alone or in a sandwich, meatballs are a welcome sight at a sports party buffet table.

Spinach Dip - Spinach dip is everybody's excuse for a healthy snack. Even those who dislike vegetables can't resist a big dollop of spinach dip. Serve it in a bread bowl and tear apart the bowl to keep the snacking going once the dip has been consumed.

Guacamole - Add a little south of the border flair to your buffet with guacamole and chips.

Layered Dips - Layered dips are the fancy looking dip on the buffet table that's so easy to make.

Real Onion Dip- This recipe, as it says, is made with real onions, not the dehydrated kind. Serve with your favorite scooping chips.

Popcorn Snacks - The funny thing about popcorn is that because it's so light, it disappears before you know it. Make sure you serve a lot of this snack.

Nachos - Snacks and dip combined in one plate. You couldn't make it easier for your guests.

Chocolate Football Treats - For a football viewing party you'll want to make a batch of these chocolate rice cereal snacks.

Chocolate Chip Cookies- You should always add a little something sweet to your buffet, and these handheld goodies fit the bill.

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