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Hot Food News from the 2005 Summer NASFT Fancy Food Show

Let These Devilish Items Seduce You with Their Heat


Joe Perry at 2005 NASFT Fancy Food Show

Joe Perry with a Fan at The 2005 NASFT Fancy Food Show

Donna Pilato
One of the food specialty areas I always enjoy following is hot and spicy foods. I was happy to see that this category continues to grow in popularity. Here are some of my favorite hot and spicy finds at the 2005 Fancy Food Show.

Joe Perry's Rock Your World Boneyard Brew - Yes, this is the same Joe Perry who is guitarist for the band Aerosmith, and since he has moved into hot sauces, he put in time at the show signing autographs for his foodie fans. Joe has been into spicy foods since he was a kid. As he says on his website, "Hot sauce has been one more thing to make life more exciting." His Rock Your World sauces include the spicy, smoky Boneyard Brew and the mild and fruity Mango Tango Peach. Both my husband and I were more impressed with the Boneyard Brew, but we tend to like things that wake up our palates.

Dave's Gourmet, one of my perennial favorite hot sauce companies if for no other reason than the sheer audacity of their products, has introduced a thoroughly practical innovation to this category - the adjustable heat hot sauce. This new sauce is sold in a 7.1 ounce container that allows you to vary the spiciness of the sauce by turning the cap. The pump spray cap mixes the sauces from two compartments to reach the level of spice desired. Although this company is famous for its Insanity Sauce, most normal mortals cannot tolerate that level of heat topping a taco or slice of pizza. It seems obvious that a hostess would want to set the table with a hot sauce that can be adjusted to the potentially wide-ranging tastes of guests. Leave it to Dave to find a solution to that challenge.

Grandville's Gourmet BBQ Sauces, sells an extra spicy sauce that kicks you in the mouth just when you think you can safely handle the heat. The sauce is a flavorful combination of hot and sweet flavors overlaying chunky peppers in a tomato base, with a burn that grabs the tip of your tongue. After a few nibbles of the sauce at the show, both my husband and I broke out into a sweat.

Texas Sassy Pickle Sauce - This sauce really caught me by surprise. I was impressed by the unusual interplay of spicy, sweet and sour. It would make a terrific finishing sauce for grilled meats and seafood. It could also be used as a sassy addition to your favorite Bloody Mary recipe. I discovered it among the focused tastings of dessert sauces at the show, and a company spokesperson explained that the sauce was also delicious over vanilla ice cream. I didn't have the opportunity to try that use myself, but if I'm ever pregnant again I might give it a try...

Fire Dancer Jalapeno Nuts - If you like your nuts to be hot and spicy, you'll want to check out these award winning peanuts from the same company that distributes the famous Bone Suckin' BBQ sauce. These nuts are a tasty combination of spicy and sweet, are all natural, gluten free, have no high fructose corn syrup and are Kosher Certified.

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