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The Blossom Crown

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The Blossom Crown

A Variety of Blossom Crowns

Donna Pilato

The Bottom Line

This is a simple tool that helps non-florists create neat, and professional looking flower arrangements. It would also make a great hostess gift - give it as part of a pre-made flower and vase arrangement.


  • Makes it easy to create professional looking floral centerpieces.
  • Product comes in a variety of sizes to fit most vases.
  • There are optional bead tassels to add extra sparkle to your arrangement.
  • Much easier to use than floral foam.
  • The product is reusable.


  • It won't help you choose the right flowers to place together.
  • You still need to be able to cut flowers to the correct height.


  • A wire grid that can be shaped to fit the top of a vase to hold flowers in place.
  • Comes in a variety of round and square sizes.
  • There are many choices for pretty bead tassels to hang down sides of crown.
  • Beaded crowns come packaged in pretty organza bags, suitable for a gift.
  • There are also vase sets that come with blossom crowns and beads.

Guide Review - The Blossom Crown

Now even a simple supermarket bouquet of flowers can be made to look special if you use a Blossom Crown on your vase. How many times have we bought one of those colorful, but uninspired bouquets, and plopped it into a vase of water after trimming off the bottoms of the stems? It looks like a nice supermarket bouquet. But if you use a Blossom Crown on top of your vase, the flowers will be arranged and spaced in a way that raises the flowers from ordinary to special.

The Blossom Crown is very easy to use. You merely bend it to fit the opening of your vase, place it on top, and starting from the middle hole, stick the flowers into the grid, spacing them evenly. It's much easier to use than either floral foam or marbles in the bottom of your vase.

Although a Blossom Crown without the beads is inexpensive, it's worth the extra cost to add the optional beaded tassels. There's nothing like a little sparkly bling to add excitement to your arrangement and table.

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