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Dad Loves Baseball - A Father's Day Celebration for Him

Father's Day - Celebrating Your Unique Dad


If your Dad's the kind of guy whose eyes begin to sparkle as the words "Play Ball" are spoken, then bring out the boy in him with this plan for Father's Day.

Setting the Stage

Decorate your home with paraphernalia from your Dad's favorite baseball team, either past or present. You can use pennants, posters of his favorite players, baseball caps, or tee shirts.

Check out the schedule for his team and plan your entertaining to coincide with that. Make sure your television is in perfect working order!

Set up a comfy chair in front of the television just for him. Position a table next to it for his snacks. Set up other chairs in the room for anyone else joining in the celebration.

Dig out his old mitt and baseball. Plan to play a game of catch with him after the game, just like you did as a kid.

The Perfect Gift

Tickets to the next home game of his favorite team are the perfect gift. Toss in a package of baseball cards just for fun.

The Menu

Recreate the stadium experience with old-fashioned ballpark food.

Hot Dogs

(let him throw the shells wherever he wants)

Cracker Jacks


Ice Cream Bars

Beer or Soda
Served in large plastic cups, preferably with his team's logo on them.

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