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A Trick for Making Sure Guests Will RSVP

This Reader Tip is a Little Tricky, But Effective


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This tip was submitted by Dominique.

I became tired of the amount of people who would gingerly turn up at my children's birthday parties over the years without having RSVP'd. This would then send me in a tizz about having to put together extra goodie bags and the like on the spot. One year, just when I was considering creatng 5 extra bags for unexpected guests and adding a few sausage links to the BBQ we were going to cook, I thought 'This is silly!'

From that day on, when I send out invitations to any sort of party, I include all the information a guest might need except for the time the event is going to start. This way, those who are coming have to call me to find out what time the party begins.

Thanks for the tip Dominique!

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