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Is it Rude to Bring an Uninvited Guest to a Party?


Question: Is it Rude to Bring an Uninvited Guest to a Party?
Answer: Dear Reader,

The simple answer to this question is, yes, it is rude to bring an uninvited guest to a party. However, there may be certain circumstances under which this isn't a big deal, such as:

  • If you know the party is a large, open house where the hosts have said it's okay to bring along friends, feel free to do just that.
  • If you have been told by your hosts that it's okay for you to bring along a guest at any time.

If this strikes you as an inhospitable answer, consider these reasons why your hosts may not be thrilled if you show up with extras at their party:

  • Very simply, they may not have enough food for extras.
  • There may not be enough room around the table to seat another person.
  • The party may be a very small group of close, intimate friends, and a stranger would make the conversation uncomfortable.

Therefore, the next time you need to bring along an uninvited guest, call your hosts first to ask permission, and explain why you're making this request. Your hosts may tell you it's no problem, or let you know that it would be inconvenient. Either way, it beats being turned away at the door after you've looked at the unhappily surprised expression on your host's face.

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