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Shouldn't Thank You Notes Be Sent by Regular Mail?


Question: Shouldn't Thank You Notes Be Sent by Regular Mail?
"I send my hand written notes through the mail even if I am sending it to someone that I might see soon. I have a co-worker who has written thank you notes recently since she was just married. She placed these notes in my work mail slot and to be honest, I felt disheartened by the fact that she didn't feel they needed to be mailed. I put a considerable amount of time, money and thought into hosting a wedding shower and giving her gifts over the past 6 months. While I was glad that she wrote a note, I thought such a thing should be mailed.

Do you feel that thank you notes should be mailed or am I just being picky?"

Answer: Dear Reader:

In my opinion, you've received a pretty good thank you note from this co-worker in light of current trends. Too often I hear from readers who are upset because they haven't received a thank you note for a gift at all, or their note is merely a form letter. In other circles, the formality of a thank you note has virtually disappeared with the frequent use of email thank you's. So, could your note be more proper and formal if it had been mailed with a stamp? Yes. But I would feel pretty satisfied that the note was handwritten and timely, and merely chalk up the delivery method to the current trends toward informality, like it or not.

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