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Etiquette for Personal and Corporate Entertaining

Find the answers to all of your burning etiquette questions from how to set a proper table to what does the term RSVP really mean.
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Is It Okay to Tell My Guests the Type of Hostess Gift I'd Like?
Can a host specify the type of hostess gift guests should bring?

Is It Impolite to Ask Guests to Bring Their Own Meat?
Is it rude to ask guests to "bring their own meat" to a barbecue?

Is It Necessary to Include My Guests' Children?
Is there a new rule that the kids must be invited with the parents to your party? Find out the answer in this FAQ.

Can I Invite Guests to My Party Who Don't Like One Another?
How to deal with issues between guests when you put together a party guest list.

Entertaining at a Business Lunch
How to host a business lunch for networking purposes.

Topics for Conversation
Topics for conversation that will help your guests to begin chatting at your next party.

Your Most Successful Dinner Party Conversation Topics
Best conversation topics for parties, as shared by readers.

Potluck Etiquette - The Rules for a Great Potluck Party
Host a great potluck party when everyone observes these rules.

Why Dinosaurs Don't Make Great Party Guests
How to keep your inner dinosaur under control at the next party you attend.

Funeral Traditions
Read about traditions for funerals and mourning periods that have been shared by readers.

RSVP - What Does RSVP Mean and How Does a Host Get RSVP Responses from Guests
RSVP - What Does RSVP Mean and How Can a Host Get RSVP Responses from Guests

Thinking About Your Guests When You Plan a Party
When we plan our parties, we spend time thinking about the menu, the music, the table settings, centerpieces and all the other little details that go into making a wonderful event. But the first thing we should really focus on is our guests. After all, that's the real reason for all the rest. Therefore, this collection of tips will help you...

Getting an RSVP Should Be the Host's Responsibility
A reader tip for ensuring an accurate head count for a party.

Another RSVP Trick from a Reader
A reader submitted tip for getting RSVP responses from invited guests.

An Easy Way to RSVP
A reader suggestion for how to reply to an invitation.

Biggest Entertaining Challenge
Your Biggest Challenge When Entertaining

Teaching Children How to Write Thank You Notes
A method for teaching children how to write thank you notes.

Do RSVPs Still Matter?
Do guests still pay attention to requests for RSVPs or is it an out-of-date concept?

Avoid the Perils of Choosing the Right Gift
An interview with a gift giving expert on how to choose the right gifts.

Can I Mention Gift Preferences on an Invitation?
Can a host or hostess mention gift preferences on an invitation?

RSVP - Recent Emails and Comments
Reader feedback on the topic of whether RSVP means you must respond to an invitation.

Is it Bad Etiquette to Pick Up a Fallen Piece of Silverware in a Restaurant?
Answer to an etiquette question about picking up a fallen fork.

Thank You Notes - How Soon Should I Expect to Receive a Thank You Note?
What's the proper timing for sending out thank you notes?

Is it Rude to Bring an Uninvited Guest to a Party?
Answer to the question of whether it's rude to bring an uninvited guest to a party.

Shouldn't Thank You Notes Be Sent by Regular Mail?
What's the proper etiquette for sending a thank you note? Shouldn't they be sent in the mail?

R.S.V.P. and How to Get a Response
What does an R.S.V.P. mean and how to get people to respond properly.

Give Your Guests a Proper Good-Bye
Etiquette for saying good-bye to guests.

Is It Okay to Host a Party and Ask the Guests to Pay?
Answer to the frequently asked question about whether it's okay to ask guests to pay their own way at a party you're hosting.

Catholic Prayer Before Meals
A traditional Catholic Church prayer before meals.

Toasts for All Occasions
How to make a toast for any special occasion.

Traditional Prayer Before Meals
Here is a traditional Christian mealtime prayer that is perfect to teach children.

Joining in Grace Before Meals
Reader tip for joining in grace at your hostess' table.

How Do You Deal With Rude Houseguests, Especially When They're Family?
Reader etiquette question about how to deal with rude, careless houseguests.

A Trick for Making Sure Guests Will RSVP
A reader submitted tip about how she makes sure her guests will RSVP.

Is it Polite to Ask Guests Not to Smoke?
Discussion of whether it is polite to ask guests not to smoke?

The Meaning of RSVP
Let's clear up the confusion - here's the definitive explanation of the term RSVP.

Ways to Be a Good Guest
Being a good guest is just as important as being a good host or hostess. Here are ways to make sure you get a return invitation.

Is there a new trend where guests are asked to fill out envelopes at showers?
Etiquete Q and A regarding thank you notes for bridal showers.

Online Services to the Rescue for Invitations and RSVPs
Online services for invitations and tracking RSVP responses.

The Do's and Don'ts of Thank You Notes
For such a simple concept, writing thank you notes can cause some people an awful lot of stress. Here are the basic things you need to know about expressing your appreciation in writing, along with a few samples to get you started.

Giving Thanks and Saying Grace
Many households observe the tradition of pausing before a meal to give thanks for the food and other good things in their lives and on their tables. This article shares some of the favorite table blessings from a variety of traditions.

A Guest Book to Remember
How to create a memorable guest book for a party.

Teaching Your Children the Importance of Thank You Notes
An easy technique for teaching your children the importance of thank you notes.

Etiquette of Funerals and Other Mourning Rituals
Don't wait until the next funeral to brush up on the etiquette you need to know to comfort the mourning in various religions. It may mean the difference between offering comfort or insult.

The Entertaining Etiquette Quiz
Think you know everything there is about proper entertaining? Take this quiz and challenge your knowledge to see if you're ready for your next big party.

Getting an R.S.V.P.
A reader's suggestion for getting a better R.S.V.P. response from invitees.

Another RSVP Tip
Tip for how to increase your RSVP responses.

Things You Need to Be Told
Review of a book written by the Etiquette Grrls that helps to redefine the rules of etiquette for the younger, hipper generation.

21st Century Etiquette
Review of a book written by Charlotte Ford on the etiquette rules for contemporary social dilemmas.

Do I Need to Invite the Neighbors to Our Party?
A reader asks whether she needs to invite the neighbors to her party.

Better Homes and Gardens - Flatware
Can you tell a fish fork from a cocktail fork? If not, this guide from Better Homes and Gardens can help with a comprehensive review of flatware.

Better Homes and Gardens - Glassware
Perhaps you can recognize a martini glass, but how about a double old-fashioned glass? If not, this guide from Better Homes and Gardens can help with a comprehensive review of glassware.

Unique Mealtime Prayers of Thanks and Blessing
Prayers of thanks and blessings that are unique.

Help! My Home is Too Small and Messy - Do I Have to Entertain?
Do you have to entertain if your house is too small or messy?

RSVP Magnets to Help Get Responses
A reader tip for improving response rates.

A Trick to Make Guests RSVP to Your Invitation
A trick to make guests RSVP to your invitations.

RSVP - Can You Think Up a New Way to Ask for One?
Do you have a better phrase for asking for an RSVP to your invitations?

Tardy Guests
What to do at a dinner party if a guest is late.

Etiquette by Emily Post
The original 1922 edition of the book in its complete form. Some of the ideas may seem old-fashioned at first glance, but then look again and the values still hold today.

Summer Beach House Etiquette for Guests
Etiquette tips for great guest behavior at a summer beach house.

Can I Ask Guests to Remove their Shoes when they Visit my Home?
Is it rude to ask guests to leave their shoes at the door and, if you still want to do that, tactful ways to make your request.

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