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The Best Guacamole Recipes

Recipes for a Favorite Party Dip


The Best Guacamole Recipes


Donna Pilato
The popular dip, guacamole, may have originated in Mexican cuisine, but now it can stand alone. Of course it nicely complements and rounds out a Mexican theme party, whether it's Cinco de Mayo, or a fiesta for fun. But very often guacamole is used as a starter for summer barbecues, a topping for burgers, a dip for a movie party, a snack for Super Bowl Sunday, or just about any party where the mood is fun. As an added bonus, guacamole is one of the healthier party snacks you can serve.

The one required ingredient for guacamole is an avocado. Following that you'll want some kind of acidic ingredient, such as lime or lemon juice, especially if you plan to hold the dip for a while prior to your party. The rest of the ingredients are up to your own personal taste. Sometimes I add celery, other times chopped cilantro will be added, often a hot pepper or two will get tossed in. A lot depends on what I have on hand. Your guacamole can be chunky or smooth, spicy or mild. Follow your own preferences and whims. The following recipes should be taken as inspiration for putting your own personal spin on this satisfying dip.

Guacamole Central - The California Avocado Board serves up eight variations on this site.

Haas Avocados - Find recipes for guacamole as well as other uses for avocados at this site.

Enlightened Guacamole - This version is made with nonfat yogurt. I make it when I'm feeling particularly virtuous. It also has the advantage of holding well overnight.

Guacamole - This is a basic recipe from About.com Guide to Southern Cuisine, Diana Rattray.

A Gaggle of Guacamoles - Molly Watson, About Guide to Local Foods, gives us several guacamole recipes, as well as strategies for keeping it green.

Chunky Guacamole Recipe - Peggy Trowbridge Fillipone, About Guide to Homecooking, offers a chunky version with interesting options.

Holiday Guacamole - This unusual version mixes in fruit with the basic recipe. As I said, anything is possible!

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