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For an Easy Summer Dessert Serve an Ice Cream Buffet

You Can't Get Much Simpler Than This


For an Easy Summer Dessert Serve an Ice Cream Buffet

Ice Cream Sundae Toppings

Donna Pilato
There are few summer desserts that are more universally enjoyed than ice cream. It's also one of the easiest for a hostess to prepare. So the next time you entertain at home, serve an ice cream buffet as your dessert. Most of the toppings can be prepared in advance and just pulled out at the last minute.

Here's what you'll want to serve:

  • Two or three flavors of your favorite ice cream.
  • Two flavors of sorbet.
  • Bowls of fresh whipped cream.
  • Sliced fresh strawberries that have been mixed with a little sugar and allowed to sit for an hour to release juices.
  • Sliced peaches.
  • Sliced bananas (don't prepare these too far in advance).
  • Blueberries and/or raspberries.
  • Fudge sauce.
  • Caramel sauce.
  • Assorted nuts.
  • Chopped candy bars.
  • Rainbow and/or chocolate sprinkles.
  • Cookies or biscotti to top the sundaes.
  • Cones for those who prefer their ice cream in a cone, or would like to add them as a topping.

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