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A Titanic Dinner Party

Host a Gourmet Dinner Party as They Would Have Served on the Titanic


On April 14, 1912 one of the most famous disasters of modern times occurred, the sinking of the Titanic. The failure of that proclaimed unsinkable ship stills fascinates us to this date, made even more famous by two movies, A Night to RememberCompare Prices and TitanicCompare Prices. Many still like to salute those who sailed on that maiden and last voyage of this famous ship by hosting a grand dinner in the style enjoyed by the first class passengers aboard it. Whether on the anniversary of its sinking or some other date when you feel ambitious, plan your own Titanic dinner party.

Setting the Stage

First class dining on the Titanic was the embodiment of Victorian style. Pasengers brought along their fine clothes and dined in elegant surroundings. For this dinner party you'll want to set a formal table with fine linens, china and crystal. Candlelight and a profusion of formal flowers would complete the look. A formal, handwritten invitation along with placecards and a dinner menu for each guest would not be overdoing it. Music should be playing in the background that reflects the musical style of the time. Music Aboard the TitanicCompare Prices is a collection of songs from that time period. Ask everyone to dress in formal clothing. If you can afford to hire waitstaff for the evening, it would add to the ambience of this event.

The Menu

A copy of the first class menu from that final evening has survived the disaster. It was a classic, French meal with eleven courses. Those courses were as listed below. The accompanying recipes are similar to those served on that fateful evening. For a more detailed description of life aboard the Titanic, and recipes from the ship, there is a wonderful book called Last Dinner on the Titanic, Menus and Recipes from the Great LinerCompare Prices.

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