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Party Ideas for When It Seems too Hot to Cook!

You Can Still Host a Party without Breaking a Sweat


A Cool Soup for a Hot Day

Tomato-Orange-Raspberry Soup

(c) Lisa Sierra

Let’s be honest - there are times in the summer when we just can’t muster the energy to put together a lovely party for our family and friends, no matter how strong the desire to do it. We want to host that perfect celebration, whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, baby or bridal shower. But it’s just too hot and humid to even think about standing in front of a hot stove.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s not impossible to follow your generous instincts and make a great party without melting in the process. With the help of these cooling recipes and tips, you can plan a menu that will be as welcome to your guests as it is to you while you prepare for the party.

Setting the Stage for a Cool Summer Party

Even if you host your party in an air-conditioned room, it can still feel very hot when everyone is together chatting. That’s why it’s also a good idea to keep extra fans blowing in the room, just in case things begin to heat up.

Place a personal fan at each guest’s place as a party favor and way to keep cool at the table. You can give everyone a small, battery-operated fan, or place an attractive, decorated, paper fan on the plate of each woman at your table to wave as needed.

Set the table in a combination of light cooling colors like white, turquoise, and pale yellow, but skip the table linens. There’s nothing worse than ironing table linens in the heat. Use decorative place mats and colorful tableware for an easy way to carry out this cool color plan.

Ditch the hothouse flowers with their strong perfumes. Instead, create a centerpiece with greenery or potted herbs.

Fill large clear pitchers with water, ice, and sliced lemons and leave them on the table for guests to help themselves as needed. Have extra pitchers of water and lemons waiting in the refrigerator so you don’t have to scramble for refills. Just dump in the ice at the last minute.

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