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Dinner Parties

Articles with tips, advice and menus for planning your next dinner party.

Host a Peach Theme Summer Dinner Party
Menu and decorating tips for a peach-themed summer dinner party.

Host a Party After a Trip to the Farmer’s Market
Plan a party to follow a trip to your local farmer's market.

How to create a dreamy late summer barbecue using Spanish flavors.
Create a dreamy, late summer night barbecue using Spanish flavors.

Party Ideas for When It Seems too Hot to Cook!
There's no need to break a sweat while preparing for a party in the summer heat. Follow this cool party plan and you and your guests won't notice the heat at all!

Themes for a Potluck Party
Suggestions for themes for your next potluck party.

A Fish Dinner Party with Friends
How to Host a Fish Dinner Party

Easy Summer Dinner Party - Focus on Seasonal Flavors
Here's an easy summer dinner party. It's filled with the flavors of the summer season and no recipe takes more than fifteen minutes to prepare.

Make-Your-Own Taco Party
How to host a Make-Your-Own Taco Party.

An Apple Theme Dinner Party
How to host a dinner party using apples as decorations and as the main ingredient in your menu.

Plan a Summer Barbecue
A menu and tips to help you plan a summer barbecue.

Catch of the Day
Host a Catch of the Day Seafood Dinner Party.

For an Easy Summer Dessert Serve an Ice Cream Buffet
Are you looking for an easy dessert? Then, you can't get much easier than an ice cream buffet. Here's what you need to know about setting up one of these popular dessert bars.

A Titanic Dinner Party
A dinner party to celebrate the dinners on the great Titanic.

A Simple Soup Party
Plan for a simple party based around various soups.

Invite Your Friends for a New England Clambake
Recreate the briny tastes of a day spent at the seaside by hosting a New England clambake party.

A Neighborhood Soup Party
A reader's tip for hosting a soup party for the neighborhood.

A Thai Dinner Party
How to host a Thai dinner party including table setting ideas, menu, and recipes.

Warm Up Your Party by Hosting a Chili Party
When winter winds are howling and you feel cold right through to your bones, the perfect antidote is a steaming bowl of chili and the company of good friends.

An Impromptu Summer Dinner Party
How to host an impromptu summer dinner party.

Dinner with Comfort
A dinner party for when you need some comfort food and friendship.

Host the Easiest Pot luck Party Ever - A Take-Out Pot luck Party
Plan a pot luck party that asks guests to bring take-out food.

A Greek Dinner Party
Plan a delicious Greek dinner party with these ideas for decorations and recipes.

A Rustic Italian Dinner Theme Party
How to host a Rustic Italian Dinner Theme Party.

How to Host a Paella Party
This simple step-by-step tutorial will take you through a complete paella party menu from appetizer through wine and desserts. Just looking at the beautiful photos will make you want to send the invites out immediately.

Gourmet Dinner Clubs
Do you love playing in the kitchen and experimenting with new dishes? Then maybe it's time you organized a Gourmet Dinner Club with friends who feel the same way. This feature tells you how.

How to Organize a Potluck Party
When friends feel the impulse to gather and time is short for all, a potluck party is the perfect solution so that no one does too much work.

Host a Chinese Dinner Party to Watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics
How to host a Chinese Dinner Party to watch the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

Progressive Dinner Parties
If you're looking for a way to socialize that requires little work or expense and that keeps the party moving all night, then a Progressive Dinner Party may hold the answer for you.

An African Theme Dinner Party
Explore African cuisine with an African theme dinner party.

An Aussie Style Theme Party
Go "down under" with an Australian themed dinner party.

A Caribbean Theme Party for Your Dinner Club
Bring the flavors and sounds of the Caribbean to your home with this dinner club menu and party plan.

A Japanese Dinner Club Menu
Take your Gourmet Dinner Club on a tour of Japanese cuisine. This article will show you the way to create the right mood and has recipes that provide a good introduction to many facets of the cuisine.

A Hawaiian Luau Dinner Club Menu
Learn all about hosting a Hawaiian Luau from menu ideas to festive decorations (with photo illustrations) to music selections.

An Italian American Dinner Party
Here's a menu for an Italian American Feast that is very similar to the meals enjoyed at my grandmother's table while I was growing up.

A Mexican Fiesta
Mexican cuisine is a lot more interesting than the grub you'll find at your local fast food joint. Use this menu and party tips for exploring it with your dinner club, for Cinco de Mayo, or for anytime you want to put a little spice in your life.

Plan a Picnic Dinner in the Park
Take your dinner club on the road with this elegant, do-ahead menu for a picnic dinner in the park.

A Picnic with Panache
Before you head off for your excursion to the beach, park, or mountains, invite your friends to join you for a picnic that has a little more panache than normal. Plan it with the help of these style and menu tips.

A Texas Barbecue Theme Party
Get ready for a down home, finger-lickin' Texas dinner party. Discover the real meaning of Texas barbecue through my interview with an expert on this cuisine. There's also a menu for your dinner club, decorating and music suggestions, and entertainment ideas.

A Summer Harvest Feast
Enjoy summer's bounty by cooking a vegetarian menu with your dinner club.

Throw a Girls' Night, Tupperware or Similar Party
Sooner or later every woman will be invited to a Tupperware type of home party. You may even be asked to host one! Begin your planning for this momentous occasion with the suggestions found in this article.

Classic Dining Moments
Recreate an historical dinner experience with the help of these party packages that include a CD with period music, table menus, place settings, recipes, invitations, trivia games and more.

An Impressionist Garden Party
A party plan for hosting a garden party in the spirit and style of the impressionists, from Marlene Allan of Garden Party Online.

Linda's Dinner Party Ideas
Linda offers a dozen different menus for hosting a dinner party of different sizes.

Murder Mystery Party Games
Here are answers to frequently asked questions about hosting a murder mystery dinner party from mystery-games.com.

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