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Christmas Cookie Recipes Perfect for a Christmas Cookie Exchange

A Selection of Cookie Recipes from Around the World


What baker doesn't love to dream about all of the possible cookies that can be brought to a Christmas cookie exchange? Will it be a chocolate cookie? A butter cookie? Something with nuts or fruit? The possibilities are deliciously endless. And fortunately our About.com cooking guides represent countries from around the globe and serve up a selection of cookie recipes that will keep you dreaming for hours, and have your friends begging for the recipe.

1. Czech Christmas Cookie Recipes

© 2009 Barbara Rolek licensed to About.com, Inc.
Czechs don't wait until Christmas to begin their holiday baking. Instead, St. Nicholas Day, on December 6, marks the beginning of their holiday baking season. Barbara Rolek, Guide to Eastern European Cuisine, has recipes for 10 different cookies ranging from Bear Paws to Cocoa Balls.

2. Top Christmas Cookies from Cooking for Kids

Copyright Stephanie Gallagher, licensed to About.com.
Stephanie Gallagher, Guide to Cooking for Kids, knows just what pleases the younger set. Whether you're looking for Peanut Butter Cup Cookies, Soft Gingerbread Cookies, or Easy Sugar Cookies, you're bound to find it in this holiday collection of favorite recipes.

3. Speculaas and Other Dutch Cookies

Copyright Karin Engelbrecht licensed to About.com.

No cookie collection would be complete without the classic Dutch cookies that are often known as Windmill Cookies. About's Guide to Dutch Food, Karin Engelbrecht says that cookies are a crucial component of the Dutch holidays. After all, cookies are part and parcel of Dutch food culture. In fact, so much so that Dutch settlers in North America actually gave the American language the word 'cookie', from koekje ('little cake'). Her favorite festive cookies include spiced gingerbread-like treats called speculaas and their small sibling kruidnoten (you might also like to try chocolate-covered kruidnoten or truffle kruidnoten. Decorate the Christmas tree with kerstkransjes or serve a plate of Jan Hagel cookies for a truly Dutch treat.

4. Sugar Cookies

Sugar Cookies Ready for Baking
Photo © 2005 Carroll Pellegrinelli, licensed to About.com, Inc.
Making sugar cookies is the ultimate holiday activity for the family. They'll be entertained for hours. The younger children can decorate, middle aged children can roll-out and cut the dough leaving the teenagers to make the dough and bake it.

5. Molasses Crinkles

Molasses Crinkles for the Holidays
Copyright Diana Rattray, licensed to About.com.
If you like the taste of molasses, but are looking for an alternative to gingerbread cookies, our Southern Food Guide, Diana Rattray, gives us these Molasses Crinkles that are easy to make and fill the house with a wonderful aroma as they bake. Or choose buttery Pecan Praline Cookies for an extra-special holiday treat.

6. Christmas Cookies from Local Foods

Anise Cinnamon Sugar Cookies
Copyright Molly Watson, licensed to About.com.
Our Guide to Local Foods, Molly Watson, likes to bake up cookies with specific regional associations, like these Bizcochitos, traditional cinnamon anise sugar cookies from New Mexico. Among her many interesting cookie recipes, you'll find Fig Cookies, Rye Sugar Cookies, and Walnut Snowballs.

7. Low Fat Christmas Cookies

Low fat holiday cookies.
Copyright Fiona Haynes, licensed to About.com.
The holidays don't have to mean going off your diet. Not when you can bake up yummy treats that lighten the fat and calorie load of some traditional favorites thanks to the recipes from Fiona Haynes, our Guide to Low Fat Cooking. Her holiday treats include Thumbprint Cookies and Icebox Cookies.

8. South American Cookies

A South American Holiday Cookie
Copyright Marian Blazes licensed to About.com.

The South American caramel sandwich cookies called alfajores are the perfect holiday homemade gift - they are fun to decorate and delicious. Marian Blazes, guide to South American food, also suggests gingerbread llamas and coconut rollout cookies.

9. Cookies from About Whole Foods Cooking

Biscotti for Your Holiday Cookie Plate
Copyright Jen Hoy, licensed to About.com.
About's Guide to Whole Foods Cooking, Jen Hoy, comes from an Italian family, and biscotti are part of her holiday baking tradition. Try Chocolate Walnut Biscotti, rich Double Chocolate Biscotti, classic Cherry Almond Orange Biscotti, or Vegan Cherry Almond Biscotti. These cookies are easy to make and keep well, so they are perfect for cookie gift boxes.

10. German Christmas Cookies

Christmas Cookies from Germany
Copyright Jennifer McGavin, licensed to About.com.
Not only does German Food Guide Jennifer McGavin give us recipes for treats like Spice Cookies and Linzer Cookies, she also shows us how to make German Christmas cakes and breads, and teaches us how to decorate gingerbread houses.

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