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Chocolate Fondue Recipes

There are few things more decadent than a warm, pool of luscious chocolate. If you agree, then dive right into these seductive recipes for chocolate fondue. You won't regret it.

Chocolate Fondue a la Chalet Suisse Recipe
This recipe from Home Cooking Guide Peggy Trowbridge includes Toblerone, cream and brandy. It is supposedly the original chocolate fondue recipe dating back to the 1950's.

Chocolate Fondue from Stonehurst Manor
Thanks to Kim Knox Beckius, About Guide to New England, we have this delicious recipe from the 13th Annual Chocolate Festival in North Conway, NH. Raspberries and bananas are pureed and added to the chocolate mixture.

Chocolate Fusion Fondue
Chinese Cuisine Guide Rhonda Parkinson serves up this unusual and tempting recipe that she describes as "sweet, sour, spicy, and bitter." Rhonda says it serves 4 - 6, but I bet it won't make it beyond 2 servings in my house!

Chocolate Rum Fondue
This recipe uses heavy cream and butter along with the other ingredients.

Easy Chocolate Fondue
This easy, slow-cooker recipe comes from the Woman's Day Crockery Cookbook, care of About's Baking Guide Carroll Pellegrinelli.

Flaming Turtle Chocolate Fondue Recipe
Talk about dramatic decadence, this recipe from Peggy Trowbridge is ignited before serving.

Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fondue
Here's another great one for the kids or the kid-at-heart, again from Home Cooking Guide Peggy Trowbridge.

Sherry Chocolate Fondue Recipe
Much lighter on the fat, this recipe from Peggy Trowbridge includes a lot of sherry.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Fondue Recipe
This recipe from Home Cooking Guide Peggy Trowbridge is both sugar-free and low-fat. Dare I say it, a guilt-free fondue?

Bittersweet Chocolate Fondue
A bittersweet variation that can be personalized with your choice of liqueur.

Chocolate Fondue
This simple recipe is flavored with Grand Marnier.

Chocolate Fondue
A very easy recipe from Emeril Lagasse for making three types of chocolate fondue at once.

Chocolate Fondue
This recipe from Epicurious combines high-grade cocoa powder with premium chocolate.

Chocolate Fondue Three Ways
This recipe from Emeril Lagasse makes fondues with three different liqueur variations.

Hot Chocolate Fondue
We're not talking about temperature in this recipe. The heat comes from habanero chiles. Watch out!

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