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Chinese New Year

Sites that will help you learn more about celebrating the Chinese New Year.

It's the Chinese New Year of the Water Snake
How to plan a party to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Black Water Snake in 2013.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Black Water Dragon
It's the Chinese Year of the Black Water Dragon. Here are ideas for celebrating the Chinese New Year to maximize your good luck in the coming year.

Chinese New Year - Family Crafts
Decorations and other craft projects for the whole family to make to celebrate Chinese New Year, from Sherri Osborn, About Guide to Family Crafts.

Chinese New Year Recipes
Chinese Cuisine Guide Rhonda Parkinson offers a collection of festive Chinese recipes for celebrating the New Year.

From Fish to Fowl - Symbolism in Chinese Food
Everything you always wanted to know about Chinese lucky foods, and related recipes, from Rhonda Parkinson, About Guide to Chinese Cuisine.

2012, Year of the Water Dragon
You'll find a thorough forecast for the upcoming year on the Astrology site of About.com.

Chinese Year of the Dragon
This site gives you a complete analysis of Chinese astrology and fortune telling relating to this new year.

Chinese New Year
You'll find several interesting pages here. One describes Chinese decorations for the New Year; another is a page of taboos and superstitions about preserving your luck for the coming year; and finally there's a discussion of the full 15-day New Year's celebration.

Chinese New Year Recipes
Recipes for celebrating the Chinese New Year from the Food Network.

Happy New Year
Information on traditions, craft ideas, recipes and more about the Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year Banner
Instructions for creating a colorful Chinese New Year banner, from Family Fun Magazine.

Family Culture.com
This is fun site describes astrological predictions for those born in the Year of the Dragon, Dragon celebrities, and other fun and useful Chinese New Year information.

Celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Horse
How to host a party to celebrate the Chinese New Year of the Horse, 2014.

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