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Garden Critters Cakes Photo Gallery

Reader Submitted Photos of Garden Critters Cakes Photo Gallery


Little baby girls are so cute, which may explain why cute little ladybugs, caterpillars, and butterflies are a popular theme for their youngest birthday parties. Here is a collection of photos of garden critter birthday cakes that have been submitted by readers. Isn't it fun to see how many ways these adorable critters can be made into a cake? Enjoy this gallery of cakes submitted by our proud readers and if you'd like to brag about one of your own, visit our Cake Brag Book Submissions Guidelines page listed under the "Related Resources" sidebar.
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Ladybug Two Tier Birthday CakeLadybug Cake with CupcakesLadybug Birthday CakesLadybug Birthday CakeFriendly Ladybug Cake
Bumblebee Birthday CakeFondant Flowers Birthday CakeCaterpillar Birthday CakeButterflies Birthday Cake
Caterpillar Birthday CakeButterfly Birthday Cake
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