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Unicorn Theme Birthday Cake


Unicorn Theme Cake

Unicorn Theme Birthday Cake

Donna Pilato
I made this cake for my daughter's family birthday party. She loves unicorns so it had to be a unicorn theme cake. Since one of my nieces has a serious egg allergy, I needed to be careful when baking this cake. I used a tried and true egg-free white cake recipe that has become the family favorite. A simple butter cream frosting is always safe, as well. My daughter requested fresh raspberries in the filling, so first I gently melted raspberry jam to coat the cake layers before spreading the frosting and adding the fresh berries.

The final challenge was how to decorate the cake safely. It turns out that many fruit rolls are safe for egg allergies, so I cut a few rolls into thin strips and placed them on the cake to create a circus tent appearance. I would normally make the strips long enough to extend all the way down the cake sides. But since my daughter was helping, I allowed her strips to be whatever length she chose! The unicorn cake topper came from the toy department of A.C. Moore.

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