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Pirate Ship Cake

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Pirate Ship Cake

Pirate Ship Cake

Julie Weastell
This cake was created for my son Zak's 6th birthday and was in conjunction with a pool party at the local pool. We hijacked a sun covered barb-e-que area and staked it out with a few pirate flags. We played pin the patch on the giant pirate (painted and drawn by myself), and played find the treasure by drawing a number from a pirate hat and sticking it onto a giant treasure map, drawn by me. The closest number won the treasure. It was a lot of fun as we also had rubber ducky pool races using noses and doing doggy paddle to move the ducks through the water.

What a fantastic day was had, complete with pirate flagged hot dogs!!

I made the cake from 2 square cakes and cut them to shape. I used malteeses for the canon balls and rolos, placed two together for the wine barrels. Wafer creme filled biscuits worked as ship rails and chocolate frosting knifed to represent ship boards. Cake pieces laden with green icing formed the island and a few rolos stuck together made the palm tree. The top of the tree is an old lego piece I had lying a round and the jewels were oversized cheap kids rings pushed into the icing and cake. The sails were made from cardboard and kebab sticks. Free pattern from the internet was used for sails. Cardboard cutouts of pirates gave an extra look! It was easy to make and the kids were in absolute awe as were their parents. After all no one does homemade cakes like these much anymore.

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