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Carousel Birthday Cake

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Carousel Birthday Cake

Carousel Birthday Cake

This cake was made for my daughter's sixth birthday.

Bottom part is a two-layer 12-inch white cake frosted with buttercream icing. Then, a white plastic turn style was placed on top, resting on dowels fitted into the cake. Carousel canopy is chocolate cake baked in a scalloped round pan. Top cake is resting on a cardboard cake board cut to the measurements of the scalloped cake pan. (Be sure to cover the cardboard in contact paper so it won't get damp from the cake.) Cookies are frosted in royal icing with shimmer dust and pearl and silver and gold details. Ponies are then stuck to balloon sticks fitted on both ends with plastic balloon cups that go on the end of balloon sticks to form the carousel poles. Center piece is a white plastic cup which supports the top cake on the cake board. I decorated the plastic cup with buttercream icing stars, hearts, stripes and let it set before I assembled the cake. After cake was assembled, I piped additional frosting stars, borders, dots on the plastic poles and turn style for added decoration. Top bit on the canopy is made from fondant brushed lightly with shimmer dust, with a heart-shape plastic toothpick inserted inside.

My six-year-old and her friends loved it -- especially since it really turns, resting as it does on a lazy susan.

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