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Little Mermaid, Ariel Birthday Cake

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Little Mermaid, Ariel Birthday Cake

Little Mermaid, Ariel Birthday Cake


I made this Little Mermaid, Ariel cake for my daughter's 4th birthday.

I used a 6"round pan and 8" round pan for the base of the cake. I wrapped an Ariel doll with plastic wrap, then covered it with fruit roll ups. This was the cake topper. I made seaweed, coral, fish bubbles and child's name out of royal icing. The fishes are cookies frosted with royal icing as well. Shells were white chocolate made from Wilton molds. I used brown sugar around the base of cake to look like sand. The happy birthday sign was made with my cricut machine. I decorated the cake with buttercream frosting and dipped the end of a fork in blue food coloring to make the dark blue waves on the sides of the cake.

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