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Reader Submitted Photo of a Oscar the Octopus

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Reader Submitted Photo of a Oscar the Octopus

Oscar the Octopus

Aunt Suzie
Meet Oscar the Octopus! This cute little cake was made for my daughter's baby shower. The shower was held at my home and this little octopus cake was a hit! Oscar is a home made version of an octopus cake I found online. The theme for our baby shower was "Under the Sea with Baby and Me". I asked Suzie, my daughter's aunt, to make the cake. She did a wonderful job!

I purchased the wilton a 9" round cake pan and the wilton ball cake pan. The ball was used for the octopus bady. I believe, if you have the right size stainless mixing bowl on hand it would be a good substitute for the ball, would save money too...

Suzie baked 3 - 9" layers which were the base for the cake. The ball cake was trimmed on the bottom and placed trimmed side down on top of the layers. Having never used fondant, Suzie used butter cream frosting which was purchased from the cake bakery. Of course, you can make it! All layers were iced in light blue and the ball in darker blue, in keeping with our baby boy colors. Dowels were used and really needed to support the cake. The cake was a total of 4 layers including the ball.

I purchased the large coupling for large decorating tips. The coupling made the perfect legs for the octopus. A small round tip was used to make the plants on the front of the cake. Suzie just swirled light green frosting on, presto, it looked just like sea weed!

I thought the most creative part of this cake was the sailor cap. We could not find a small sailor cap. Suzie creatively used a store bought cup cake and just iced it white!

Our little Oscar the Octopus cake was a hit and wonderful conversation piece! It would be precious in pink for a baby girl shower! Don't be afraid, make your own party cake! The internet is a great starting place for party ideas and tips.

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