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Gallery of Decorated Party Cakes for Adults and Special Events

Reader-Submitted Photos of Party Cakes Created for Adults and Special Events


Adult birthday parties and events can be pretty special too. Just take a look at the thought and care that went into creating the cakes in this photo gallery. Enjoy this gallery of cakes submitted by proud readers and if you'd like to brag about one of your own, visit our Cake Brag Book Submissions Guidelines page listed under the "Related Resources" sidebar.
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Dartboard Birthday CakeBig Top of Hope Cake - View 1Big Top of Hope Cake, View 250th Birthday Party Cake
Golf Theme Birthday CakeFisherman Birthday CakeFisherman Birthday CakeSoccer Bikini CakeTiered Anniversary Cake with Flowers
Giraffe Theme Birthday CakeCheckerboard CakeHeart Shape, Tiered Wedding CakeFather's Day Cake

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