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How to Host a Bridal Shower Tea Party

Delight the Bride with an Elegant Party


Bridal shower tea parties are a very traditional, elegant way to celebrate a bride's upcoming wedding. A bridal tea can be intimate, with just the bridal party attending, or a larger event including other female friends and relatives that will be invited to the wedding. This shower theme isn't suitable for a co-ed shower since the food is lighter and the decorations are more feminine.

Setting the Stage

Serve the food and beverages buffet style since there won't be a plated entree as part of your menu.

Decorate the buffet and guest tables with linens and flowers selected with the bride's colors in mind.

Ask guests to bring a small gift for the "wishing well" that fits with the tea theme. Items might include loose teas, tea strainer, tea bags, tea spoons, tea cookies.

Plan to organize a few bridal shower games for fun and to help break the ice when guests first arrive.

When the bride arrives, give her a small bouquet to welcome her and she can use it to mark her place.

Create a tussy mussy for each guest and tie them with ribbon that is wide enough to write each guest's name - then use them as place cards.

The Menu

Assorted pots of tea. Keep refreshing them with hot water throughout the party.

Assorted tea sandwiches such as: egg salad; cucumber and cream cheese; smoked salmon and dill; chicken salad with tarragon.

Chocolate covered strawberries. Offer an assortment of white and milk chocolate dipped berries for visual interest.

A Spinach and Strawberry Salad.

Create and decorate elegant Angel Food Cupcakes.

A large Fresh Fruit Salad.

Assorted Chocolate Truffles.

Serve Blushing Bride champagne cocktails.

Party Favors

Send guests home with party favors that will help them remember this special party. Think about a gift that will fit with the bride's interests. You might give each guest any of the following:

A small container with loose tea and a tea ball.

A package of tiny cookies or candies.

Hand made soaps.

A seed packet with a trowel.

A cookie cutter and homemade cookie mix in a decorated jar.

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