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How to Plan a Baby Shower

Resources that will help you plan the perfect baby shower for the mother-to-be with advice on decorations, baby shower cakes, invitations, diaper cakes, shower themes, and baby shower games.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Examples for Unknown Gender Baby
Find ideas for wording your baby shower invitations when no one knows if it will be a boy or girl.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Examples for Baby Girl Shower
Find wording ideas for baby shower invitations when the mother is expecting a baby girl.

Trends in Baby Showers
An interview with an expert from Expressionery.com shares her insight into baby shower trends.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Examples for Baby Boy Shower
Find sample wording for a baby shower when the mother is expecting a baby boy.

Baby Shower Invitation Wording Examples for Sprinkle Baby Shower
Sample invitation wording for a baby shower when it's a sprinkle or second time around baby shower.

Baby Shower Cake Photos - Be Inspired by Baby Shower Cakes Made by Other Readers
Gallery of photos of cakes made for baby showers, both edible and inedible. Be inspired to make a cake for the next baby shower you host

Fun Games for Baby Showers
Reader suggested games for baby showers.

Create a Diaper Wreath for the Mother-to-Be
How to create a diaper wreath for a baby shower or new baby gift.

Create a Festive Party Remembrance
How to create a festive party remembrance for the guest of honor.

Baby Shower Planning Guide
Everything you need to know to plan a baby shower.

Baby Shower Theme Ideas
Reader submitted themes for baby showers.

Being a Helpful Guest of Honor at Your Baby or Bridal Shower
How to be a helpful guest of honor for your baby or bridal shower.

How to Make a Diaper Cake
Here's the recipe for a centerpiece cake to bring to the next baby shower you attend. You won't want to eat it yourself, but the mother-to-be will eat it up!

Bellenza Favors
Bellenza Favors for Bridal Showers, Baby Showers and Weddings.

Baby Shower Centerpieces
Go beyond the traditional floral centerpiece with these easy, unusual centerpieces that you can make yourself.

Organizing a Bridal or Baby Shower at the Office
Holding one of these events in the office builds office camaraderie, but the do's and don'ts are a little different in an office environment.

Showering a Second Time Mom
Every baby deserves to be welcomed with excitement and greeted with anticipation. So don't hesitate to shower a second time mom. You'll find gift ideas and suggestions for how to make it a party for the whole family.

Baby Shower Cakes
Fun Baby Shower cake recipes that do double-duty as centerpieces.

Baby Shower Decorations
Ideas and sources for decorations for the next shower you host.

Baby Shower Favors
Pick from a wide range of choices for baby shower favors and send your guests home with a little bit of baby love.

Baby Shower Food
Recipes for appetizers, punches and desserts can be found here.

Games for Baby Showers
Here is a compilation of my favorite games for baby showers.

Baby Shower Invitations
One of the first things to set the mood and style for a baby shower is the invitation your guests receive. Luckily, there's a great assortment online so you can browse until you find the perfect one.

Welcoming an Adopted Child
A new baby is almost always cause for celebration. A long-awaited adopted child is cause for a special kind of celebration. Here are suggestions for that joyful event.

Easy Baby Shower Favors
Great favor ideas that can be made by the crafty and not so crafty among us.

That Woman Deserves a Shower!
Baby shower hosting advice from Tice Swackhammer, founder of Baby Draw.

Create a Special Baby Shower Gift
A reader tip for creating a special gift for the mom at a baby shower.

Show Us Your Baby Shower Centerpiece Creations
Readers show off the baby shower centerpieces they created.

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