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What's a Dame to Do?

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating
User Rating 5 Star Rating (2 Reviews)


What's a Dame to Do?

What's a Dame to Do?

Donna Pilato

The Bottom Line

This is a fun, clean party game for women. It can be used to break the ice, or just for laughs in a group of women that know each other well.
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  • This is a fun conversation starter party game.
  • Can help break the ice at a girls' get together.
  • Also fun for women that know each other well.


  • At first the directions make it seem more complicated than it is.


  • This is a party game that can be played with 2 to 8 women from ages 17 on up.
  • Game includes all necessary pieces including a board, questions, and markers.
  • The fun of this game is attempting to guess how other players would react in uncomfortable situations.
  • Fun for a girls' night in; a bridal or baby shower; a playgroup; a ladies church group; or any gathering of fun loving women.

Guide Review - What's a Dame to Do?

My girlfriends and I are always game for a new excuse to get together. So when I had the chance to try out "What's a Dame to Do", they were willing to play along.

Now, when we get together, there are usually several cross conversations going on at the same time. We've known each other and our families for a long time, and there are always a lot of notes to compare. Which probably explains why we were so dense in trying to understand how to play the game. It took a "trial" game to understand all of the rules, but by the second round it was very simple to follow. My advice would be for someone to sit down quietly and absorb the rules, instead of trying to pick them up on the fly!

The simple explanation of the game is that each player takes a turn as the "Dilemma Dame". She reads one of the funny "Dilemma" cards (e.g. "Five minutes into my yoga class I hear my pants split, what's a Dame to do?!") and the other players contribute from their hand of cards a possible reaction. Points are awarded for the reaction that matches the "Dilemma Dame's" choice.

I believe the dilemmas are funny, but realistic. The reaction cards are off the wall, but that's where the challenge enters the game - trying to choose one that is closest to a real solution.

The game made for a very easygoing get together. We'd play a round, then stop to chat, and pick up the next player when there was a lull in conversation. We played this game over coffee and dessert, but we all agreed that cocktails would raise the hilarity level of the game. It added a little extra fun to our get together, and we will play it again in the future.

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 5 out of 5
Love the synopsis of this game, Member kellyFun

Based on this review I got the game to play for a girls' night and you were right, adding cocktails did make the game super fun. Thanks for the game idea and the tip!

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