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Spooky Halloween Party Food and Drinks

Your Food and Drinks Can Go a Long Way in Setting the Mood for Your Party


Glass of Van Goghst Punch

Van Goghst Punch

Van Gogh Vodka

It's so important to create the mood at your Halloween party. You can do this with your Halloween Decorations, your party theme and, of course, the food, drinks and snacks you serve at your party. The food should be tasty and you should be able to prepare most of it before your party so that you can enjoy your guests and the trick-or-treaters coming to the door. Finally, it should be fun, spooky and in the spirt of Halloween, setting the mood in its own right.


Beefy Eyeball Tarts - These savory cheese and meatball tarts, from Southern Food Guide Diana Rattray, will give your guests the creeps before they get even by eating them up. The pastry shell base for this recipe can be made in advance leaving just the assembly and final heating before your guests arrive.

Swamp Dip - Busy Cooks Guide Linda Larsen turns a popular party dip into a Halloween appetizer that will fit in perfectly on your Halloween buffet table. I think the green chips served with this dip are the finishing touch that make it extra creepy.

Main Dishes

When it comes to making a Halloween entree, half the challenge is simply coming up with a spooky name for a favorite dish. Home Cooking Guide Peggy Trowbridge has a variety of recipes where she has already managed the naming problem for you:

Bloody Eyeballs - Meatballs with tomato sauce.

Brains on the Half Skull - Potatoes, spaghetti and spaghetti sauce come together in a ghoulish presentation.

Creepy Cepes and Worms - This is another name for Penne with Peppery Broccoli and Morel Sauce.

Gnarled Witch's Fingers - See how a small detail in the presentation turns chicken fingers into a Halloween-worthy food.


Jell-O Shots - Cocktails Guide Colleen Graham tells us how to make Jell-O shots, a party favorite. They're perfect for a Halloween party since they can be made in fun colors and given names such as Bloody Shots, Slime Shots, or Pumpkin Shots according to the mood of your party. Just be sure that these are not within reach of children at your Halloween party.

Midori Green Ghoul - This ghoulish cocktail may look scary, but guests that are looking for a taste thrill will be running back for another once they sip the combination of sweet and spicy in this unusual drink.

The Halloween Hpnotist - I love the spooky blue color of this cocktail, but you'll need to give yourself time to find the necessary props to make this drink glow at your party.


Mixing up a punch for your party will make your job as host so much easier. You won't be tied to the bar mixing up drinks for your guests all night and they can serve themselves seconds, as they most likely will do with these tasty, spooky beverages.

Van Goghst Punch - This yummy punch has a devilish red hue that is perfect for adding color at your Halloween bash.

Halloween Sangria Recipe - It's hard to think of more appropriate punch for a Halloween party than Sangria. Wine Guide Stacy Slinkard shows us how to blend the perfect creepy sangria with suggestions for adding details that will make it totally revolting - in a fun way, of course!

Don Q Bloody Rum Punch - Rum Punch is always popular and this recipe from our Cocktails Guide looks bloody enough to please all of the vampires at your Halloween bash.

Devil's Punch - Bring out the wicked side of your guests with this tequila cocktail that our Cocktails Guide also translates into a punch recipe for our convenience.

Halloween Punch Recipe - This non-alcoholic punch from Stephanie Gallagher, Guide to Cooking for Kids, is perfect for all ages. She reminds us to give it a creepy name to match the theme of our party.


Marzipan Fingers - There's nothing quite like bloody fingers sitting on your dessert table to create the mood for a Halloween party. Candy Guide Elizabeth LeBau shows us how to make these fun little treats that will have you chewing your fingernails in fright, the almond fingernails, that is!

Dirt Cemetery - Baking Guide Carroll Pellegrinelli creates a spooky cemetery with this delicious dessert that ranks on the top of most kids' lists. Adults won't mind taking a scoop either.

Chocolate Covered Mice - Home Cooking Guide Peggy Trowbridge Filippone gives us step by step instructions for making these sweet treats that may disturb some guests if you scatter them across your table. That's until they realize just how cute they really are.

Bleeding Truffles - Even if it wasn't Halloween, I'd want these delicious jam filled truffles on my dessert table. Elizabeth LeBau shows us how to make these bloody good treats.

Kitty Litter Cake - This recipe may not be terribly appealing to guests that own cats, but everyone else at your party will find themselves pretty amused. Stephanie Gallagher, Guide to Cooking for Kids, shows us how to make this Halloween dessert.

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