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How to Plan a Bridal Shower

Find articles that will give you advice on how to make a memorable bridal shower for the bride, her family, and other guests.

Bridal Shower Trivia Game
Plan a trivia game for a bridal shower ice breaker.

Bridal Shower Party Favor Ideas
Find ideas for party favors for different themed bridal showers.

Planning a Bridal Shower - How to Plan a Bridal Shower
At some point you may be called upon to plan a bridal shower. Where should you start? What details do you need to consider? What should your menu be? This article addresses these questions and more.

Host a "Stock the Pantry" Bridal Shower
How to host an unusual bridal shower theme, a "stock the pantry" shower

Games for Bridal Showers
Reader suggested games for bridal showers.

How to Host a Bridal Shower Tea Party
How to host a tea party for a bridal shower, with recipe, game, decoration, and party favor ideas.

Bridal Shower Cake Gallery
Reader submitted photos of bridal shower cakes.

A Special Gift for the Bride-to-Be
A tip for a special gift for the bride-to-be at her bridal shower.

An Alternative to a Bridal Shower Guest Book
A reader-recommended alternative to a guest book at a bridal shower.

The Latest Trends in Bridal Showers
An interview with wedding expert and author Leah Ingram on the latest trends and themes for bridal showers.

Hosting a Bachelor or Bachelorette Party
How to throw a bachelor or bachelorette party.

Scavenger Hunt Bridal Shower Game
Ideas for organizing a scavenger hunt for a bridal shower.

Toilet Paper Bridal Gown Game for a Bridal Shower
Party game for a bridal shower where teams race to make a bridal gown.

Bridal Shower Games for When the Bride is Opening Her Gifts
Make the gift opening part of the bridal shower as exciting for the guests as it is for the bride.

Jack and Jill Bridal Shower Not-Yet-Newlywed Game
Play the not-yet-newlywed game at the next Jack and Jill shower you host.

Toilet Paper Bridal Gown Game for a Bridal Shower
Have your guests race to make a bridal gown at your next bridal shower.

Safety Pin or Clothespin Game for a Bridal Shower
Play the safety pin (or clothespin) game at your next bridal shower and watch your guests as they watch their words.

Ice Breaker and Other Games for Bridal Showers
Even the guests will have fun when you add a few of these games to the next bridal shower you host.

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