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About Modern Third Parties - US Government Info - About.com
While their presidential candidates stand little chance of being elected, members of America's third parties have historically promoted concepts and policies that ...
The Know-Nothing Party Opposed Immigration to America
Of all the American political parties in the 19th century, perhaps none generated more controversy than the Know-Nothing Party, or the Know-Nothings. Officially ...
Political Parties in America - US Politics on About.com
In addition to links to national and political party websites, this section provides information about party history and how parties function in American politics.
Extinct Political Parties of the 1800s - 19th Century History - About.com
The 19th century gave birth to today's political parties, but it also saw the emergence and extinction of a number of other parties. Some were the parties of  ...
Cocktail Party Hosting Tips (Food and Drink Menu Ideas)
Cocktail parties are a classic event that can be as simple or as complex as you desire. Whether you're hosting personal friends in a casual setting or business ...
How to Deal With Social Anxiety at a Party - Social Anxiety Disorder
Apr 9, 2014 ... Coping with social anxiety at a party can be difficult if you don't plan well. Here are some tips to help you through every step of the party.
Host a Wine Tasting Party - Wines - About.com
A wine tasting party is a creative way to gather friends and family together to learn about wine and experiment with new or unusual varieties. Pairing wines with ...
German Abbreviations - Political Parties - Austria Germany ...
The following abbreviations for political parties in the German-speaking world are often seen in the news, but English-speakers may not know what they mean.
Bridal Showers and Engagement Parties - Weddings - About.com
The typical wedding includes at least three other parties - an engagement party, a bridal shower, and the rehearsal dinner. You might also have bachelor or ...
Throwing an Engagement Party - Weddings - About.com
Engagement parties can be a fun way to announce and celebrate your engagement, but not everyone has one. Here's advice on whether you should have one, ...
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