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Guide Picks - Top 9 Cookbooks for Entertaining
When planning a meal for guests, most people select recipes that are more interesting than those they'd cook after a long day of work. In other words, you scratch the frank and beans casserole for something a little more exciting. I've selected the books that I turn to most often when entertaining guests. Besides great recipes, some offer complete menu suggestions to round things out when I'm feeling uninspired.
1) The New Joy of Cooking
An indispensable reference book that every cook and hostess should have in her kitchen. Covers cooking techniques, recipes, advice, and menus, all of which have been updated in this latest edition that includes more ethnic recipes and healthful meal preparation advice.
2) Entertaining 1-2-3
It's hard to believe, author Rozanne Gold has devised more than 300 recipes worthy of entertaining that use only three ingredients. By using quality ingredients, this minimalist turns out an impressive menu that even those of us with limited time can handle.
3) The New Basics Cookbook
A tried and true recipe collection geared toward stylish entertaining. Easy to follow recipes and practical entertaining advice.
4) Party Food
As a professional caterer and party planner, Lorna Wing as written a practical guide to throwing stylish parties. This book is filled with tips on everything from selecting the right music to creating the perfect table. Includes over 150 contemporary recipes.
5) The Good Enough to Eat Breakfast Cookbook
You'll want to have this book when the overnight guests arrive. Great instructions and recipes for the full range of breakfast food.
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6) Weber's Big Book of Grilling
This book became a favorite this past summer. Whenever I turned to the grill, which was often, I turned to this book for recipes, grilling charts and techniques.
7) Bon Appétit, Outdoor Entertaining
Make a splash with these stylish outdoor party and picnic ideas from Bon Appétit. Loaded with tasty recipes and lots of practical advice for taking your party on the road.
8) Great Cakes
What could be more inviting to guests than a freshly baked cake that you created in your own kitchen? And I'm not talking about the kind that comes in a box. With this great cake cookbook, the aromas wafting from your kitchen will have all the neighbors flocking to see who the great baker is. An excellent mix of easy and more challenging recipes, with detailed instructions, can be found in this book .
9) Prime Time Emeril
This is a newcomer to my cookbook library, but it's already provided me with great recipes for entertaining.  I'll be sure to turn to it often when I want to "kick things up a notch."
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