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Guide Picks - Top 7 Books for Entertaining Advice
There are so many details to think about when hosting a party. It's a good thing there are some really terrific books to turn to when looking for advice. Some are great for advice on setting the table. Others provide tips on the proper etiquette for entertaining. And the rest are great for picking a theme or planning activities that will make your event extra fun.
1) Emily Post's Etiquette, 16th Edition
Peggy Post has taken over her mother-in-law's crown as the queen of etiquette. In this updated edition of the classic, she covers all the rules that apply to entertaining under both casual and formal circumstances. Look no further for advice on the proper way to word invitations, proper gifts to bring for any occasion, customs associated with travel and many more situations.
2) The Art of the Table
This book answers every question you ever had about the rules for formal dining, table setting, choosing dinnerware, glassware and more. The history behind the rules makes this book most interesting.
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3) The Complete Idiot's Guide to Throwing a Great Party
Event planners Phyllis Cambria and Patty Sachs join forces to write a simple guide to fun entertaining. This book includes lots of ideas for theme parties, tips on planning, advice on invitations, suggestions for hiring help and much more.
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4) Secrets from a Caterer's Kitchen
Nicole Aloni shares tips gleaned from years of catering experience. This book includes practical advice on planning food quantities, staying within a budget, essentials need in your kitchen, and creating drama at the table. She also gives over 150 recipes that are sure to impress your guests.
5) Entertaining
At first glance this looks like an attractive cookbook with gorgeous photographs. But when you dig in there's lots of entertaining tips to be found. Each theme-oriented menu includes recipes, suggestions for the basics for cooking and serving each one, and alternative menu ideas for these themes.
6) Tabletops
This book by Barbara Milo Ohrbach is purely about setting the stage when you entertain. The beautiful photographs illustrate how you can use ordinary items in creative ways to set your tables, inside, outside, every day and for special occasions. There are many simple instructions for fabricating your own special table touches.
7) Beautiful Napkins
It's amazing what a simple square of fabric can do to dress up a table. And you don't necessarily need to fold it in any fancy way. This book is filled with easy suggestions for using napkins in creative and stylish ways on your table. And there are even some tutorials for making those fancy folds, if you choose.
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