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IL Prosecco and IL Moscato from Mionetto Wines

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IL Prosecco and Moscato

IL Prosecco and Moscato by Mionetto


The Bottom Line

This pair of light, sparkling wines from IL will be welcomed offerings to your guests both before and after dinner.


  • These are a pair of great tasting, fun, party wines.
  • Will stand on their own or blend well into mixed drinks.
  • Priced within reach of most budgets.


  • None found.


  • IL Prosecco is a light, dry, fruity sparkling wine from Mionetto.
  • IL Moscato is a light, sweeter, sparkling wine from Mionetto.
  • Mionetto is Italy's largest producer of Prosecco, founded in 1887.

Guide Review - IL Prosecco and IL Moscato from Mionetto Wines

With IL sparkling wine in your glass, you can't help but feel in the mood for a party. While these wines will be kind to your budget, they deliver more than you would expect from a wine that has a beer-type crown cap. They are deliciously quaffable, lighter on the alcohol content, and undeniably stylish in their packaging. Mionetto Wines is promoting these new sparkling wines to a younger crowd than their traditional offerings, but as long as you're young in spirit, you and your guests will find them very appealing.

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