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Champagne Demoiselle Brut

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


The Bottom Line

This is a lovely, delicate champagne that would make a very nice gift for the holidays or any special occasion.


  • A subtle champagne worth savoring.
  • Equally good accompaniment to subtle appetizers, mild cheeses, or dessert.
  • Beautiful packaging and bottle make it an attractive gift.


  • The feminine personality of this champagne might put off a macho-type man.


  • Champagne is from the renowned French champagne house, Vranken.
  • Unlike most champagnes, it's made with 80% chardonnay, giving it a more subtle, feminine character.
  • It comes in a beautiful Lalique designed bottle.

Guide Review - Champagne Demoiselle Brut

After you appreciate the beauty of the packaging, the first thing you notice about Demoiselle is the subtle aroma, and green and citrus flavors of this tasty champagne. While the fruity, full flavor is noticeable, the champagne retains its dry character. It's not a drink to be tossed down during a toast, but rather savored as an apertif. Named for the dragonflies on the river near the Chateau in France, this affordable bottle will be a welcomed gift for your hostess.

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